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A516-70 Steel Plate Service Center.
Precision Grinding is your source for ASTM A516 Grade 70 Steel Plate. We offer a complete selection of steel processing services, including  Plate Cutting, Stress Relieving, Grinding, Machining, and Steel Fabrication services. When you need A516-70 for specialty applications, please, allow us an opportunity to earn your business. We have been serving the steel industry since 1971.

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Specifications for A516 carbon steel plates are intended primarily for service in welded pressure vessels where improved notch toughness is important.

Plates under this specification are available in four grades having different strength levels, including Grades 55, 60, 65, and 70.

The maximum thickness of these plates is limited by the capacity of the composition to meet the specified mechanical property requirements.

This standard has been approved for use by offices underneath the jurisdiction of the Department of Defense.

An example application: Rail Car Tank Steel, used for manways, sump applications, car heads and shells. Low corrosion properties.

Pressure Vessel Plate (PVQ)

Grade 70 Tensile Strength: 70 - 90 ksi (70,000 - 90,000 lbs. per sq. inch)
Grade 70 Yield Strength:   38 ksi minimum

Grade 60 Tensile: 60 - 80 ksi (60,000 - 80,000)
Grade 60 Yield:   32 ksi  minimum

A516 Grade 70 PVQ and Grade 60 available from 1/4" - 8" thick.

We inventory these major grades of structural steel plate:

ASTM A36 plate
ASTM A572 - Grade 50
ASTM A514-T1 plate
ASTM A516 plate
1020 plate
1045 plate
4140 plate

Call us for HEAVY PLATE requirements. Thick plate is our Specialty!

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